Epilogue – Young Forever Notes

  • maze of fences
  • the film rolls with the memories represents that when you are young it can feel like everything in your life has been recorded
  • the ties on the fences represent memories of youth
  • rm grabs them lightly but the  quickly let’s go representing that he is not thinking about the past much
  • the maze is the journey to accepting jin’s death
  • jin grabs the fence representing that he doesn’t want to let go, and looks like he’s been crying – he remembers (memories of his go by)
  • suga burns the memories, representing that he’s trying to get rid of them – he remembers (memories go by)
  • feathers float by kook and he takes one and let’s go, he has already accepted the death. the feathers mean that he is finally happy, the feathers representing the pillow fight, the time when they all could be happy
  • feathers also float past jhope, and he grabs the fence, not wanting to accept yet. the feathers floating by represent him wanting to be happy and accept, but it seems like he can’t – he remembers
  • jimin is dripping wet because of the memory of trying to commit suicide by drowning – he remembers, he wants to accept
  • v cannot find his way out. this means that his actions in the past will weigh him and the members down in their journey to accepting jin’s death, he is confused – he remembers
  • jins memories of being in the dream world are coming back to him and he doesn’t want to let them go
  • one by one, the members find their way out, meaning they have accepted
  • tae is the last to leave the maze, the journey was the hardest for him
  • now all members have accepted and let go of their past, and they walk down a takeoff
  • a plane flies by



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