Prologue Notes

  • v calls a hyung – “hyung”, “I want to see you hyung”
  • jins dream world
  • polaroid of v and his mom
  • jin films everyone a lot
  • “you can smile as long as we’re together”
  • jhope – jimin
  • rm – v
  • suga – kook
  • jin is filming butterfly and questions reality
  • “omn”
  • rm hits the toy car into the puddle, means that jin died from his car sinking in the water
  • “you need to survive”
  • suga has his lighter again, jungkook blows out sugas lighters flame
  • v climbs on structure, members wave to him to get down
  • v jumps off
  • jin questions reality again when he looks at the picture with just him instead of with suga



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