Run Japanese Version Notes

  • “nevermind”
  • “hoi doei”
  • “collapsky
  • “the – man is that-“
  • telephone booth here and in rms short film
  • one theory said that when v called a hyung it was rm, that’s why he was so upset (rm)
  • waves in the telephone booth doors and windows
  • suga in a room w broken glass represents when he broke the mirror in run
  • jin in room w water
  • “all the boys who have lived in this place”
  • “while the mark of mature man is – he wants to die” v had crossed out “die” and replaced it with “live”
  • “save me from myself”
  • suga picks up a piece of mirror and looks into it to see himself
  • jimin in a tank, trying to drown
  • jhope w feathers, he remembers the pillow fight, it was the moment where he could actually be happy for once
  • “youth is never coming back” this means that because of what they did “for jin” and because of jin’s death, they cannot go back and that they have to grow up now
  • “humbly for one”
  • three black butterflies fly around him, paint on the wall is splattered in the shape of a butterfly
  • jungkook drops the rose petals
  • “pro memoria”
  • “youth is not coming back” on jimins tank
  • “yolo”
  • king henry the third reference
  • “cry”



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