Fire Notes

  • fence as in young forever with “youth” on it
  • the black hooded figure represents the member’s bad sides
  • suga tricks the bad side by acting like he is making a deal with it, but sets jin on fire instead
  • king henry the third reference
  • jungkook circles the figure so that it doesn’t escape, suga and kook are still working together
  • “boiled”
  • “r u dru (n) k?” (the n was added in in the mv)
  • suga holds a beer bottle in his hand. normally a police officer will tell people who are drunk to walk on a straight line, this is what suga is doing, and there is a police car behind yoonseok.
  • “lost river”. this is a reference to the movie Lost River, and there is a scene where the main character watches a burning bike go by, kook is doing the same
  • jimin looks up to see a burning plane, which is the same one from young forever
  • a car smashes down in front of the boys
  • v plays a game barefoot. bare feet can represent childhood and innocence, meaning that v has completely let go of his old memories
  • v seems to be controlling the events through the game, such as smashing the car down or blowing up the building (which happens later0
  • jhope comes out of a burning room
  • “same old s**t such a clown don’t be a (something) come as you are (some other words)” these are instructions for their bad selfs (will be explained)
  • v blows up the car
  • ‘boiled”
  • “outside is cold”
  • “caution”
  • “hang”
  • jin is standing in front of a car which is possibly the one he died in, with water at his feet representing the way he dies
  • the group performs for a group of hooded figures in order to get them in the same room. these figures are their bad actions and past. they try to get rid of them because they hope it will break the curse of jin dying and the bad things they did in the past. as they run out, leaving the hooded figures in there, they blow up the building, killing their bad actions, selfs, and memories.
  • the fireworks in the background might be the same one from rms short film
  • suga says “ill forgive you” which means he and the other members will forgive jin for the pain and bad actions he caused with his death
  • king henry the third reference
  • “boy meets what”. this phrase should have a question mark, boy meets what? it means that the boys have broken the butterfly effects cycle, so jin now meets what? its a question asking what he meets, now everything has started over.



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