Meanings, Explanations, and Connections For HYYH

  • jin’s white lily blooming on his chest represents something
  • “why do I fall in love and have to say goodbye alone” this could be jin (because it is his part) grieving over having to say goodbye to his friends by himself
  • the note chim burns looks like it has the Abraxas drawing on it
  • the boys sleeping in b&w means that things will never be the same for them
  • the lamp in jimin’s green scene, same lamp in tae’s father’s house
  • the butterfly flies away from jin’s hand into the light, maybe it means that death wants him to accept his death and to move on, but jin doesn’t want to
  • the boys heads sway which means they feel the same way tae does, drowning in their thoughts
  • butterfly symbols and images represent the butterfly effect
  • the boys do all the bad things because they feel as if they are doing it “for jin”
  • “wasted youth…” this could represent jin’s wasted youth because he died and “wasted” his youth
  • kook is trying to tell suga that jin’s actually gone and he doesn’t want to listen. kook is the first one to accept jins death, jungkook tries compassion and friendship-ness to convince him, but suga will. not. listen.
  • suga smashes the mirror, which causes the house of cards to fall down, jin has a reality check, he is confused and feels as if it is not reality, but he’s unsure and wants to stay in the world
  • there are only five boys in the back of the truck, rap mon is now driving, showing that jin really isn’t there
  • jin was in the truck and driving before they all got in the truck, meaning jin is the “driving force” for their behavior
  • the same tub that overflows in I need u, sugas short film, and jimins short film
  • jungkook, as I said, has accepted jins death while the others walk away, not accepting
  • the picture doesn’t have jin in it, so jimin burns it, not wanting to accept
  • “hoi doei” means “hi bye” in Dutch
  • one theory said that when v called a hyung, it was rap mon, that’s why rm was so upset. this can actually be proven. at the concert (i went to the first Newark show!!), after joons’ solo, he stepped into a telephone box with its telephone ringing. after waiting for a bit in darkness, v stepped out of the booth. rm and v are also paired in hyyh.
  • waves in the telephone booths windows could represent how jin died
  • “all the boys who have lived in this place” reminds me of the short story “The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas” which was implemented in Spring Day
  • “while the mark of mature man is-he wants to die'” v crossed out ou “die” and replaced it with “live”
  • suga picks up mirror shard (suga is in a room full of mirror shards, which represents the fight he had with jungkook) and looks into it to see himself. suga is reflecting on his past actions and is seeing his bad side, and gets upset after seeing himself after realizing
  • jhope w feathers, he remembers the pillow fight he had with the boys, and that was the one time he was able to truly be happy for a moment
  • “youth is never coming back” means that because of what they did “for jin” and because of jin’s death, they cannot go back and that they have to grow up
  • “pro memoria” is memory in Latin, represents the boy’s memories
  • king Henry the third reference
  • “you can smile as long as were together” means that as long as jin is alive and around the members, they can actually be happy
  • jhope – jimin
  • rm – v
  • suga – kook
  • jin is filming a butterfly and questions reality
  • rm hits the toy car into the puddle, signifying that jin died from his car sinking into the water. in the movie Lost River(referenced in fire) a character named bully dies from being thrown out of a car into the water, this could also be linked to jins death
  • omn is written everywhere. Omn or Omni is a Latin prefix that means “all, every”
  • “you need to survive” written in Korean was in jins short film and rms short film. rm writes it in prologue and in his short film
  • read my young forever notes
  • read my fire notes
  • jins dream world is technically called “neverland” where the members are young forever and no harm comes to them

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