Actual Quote Meanings and Phrase Meanings In HYYH

  • “hoi doei” in the run Japanese ver. means “hi bye” in Dutch
  • “omn” in the prologue is a Latin prefix that means “all, every”
  • “while the mark of the mature man is – he wants to die live.” (v crossed out die with live). the quote from the book The Catcher in the Rye is actually “the mark of the immature man is that he wants to die… while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live…”. v had corrected the quote on the wall. this quote reminds me of the mark of Cain from Demian. Lady Eve, Demian, and Sinclair all had an imaginary mark that connected them to each other. the members may be connected in imaginary ways that we cannot see.
  • “all the boys who have lived in this place” this reminds me of The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas, which was implemented in Spring Day
  • “save me from myself” could be a member asking someone, something, or even nobody, in general, to save him from his regret and depressive thoughts over death
  • “youth is never coming back”, “youth is not coming back” means that because of what they did “for jin” and because of jin’s death, they cannot go back and that they have to grow up now.
  • “pro memoria” mean “memory” in Latin, representing jin’s memory of the boys or they boys memories of jin, or the boys memories of the bad things they hand done for him
  • “you can smile as long as we’re together” means that as long as jin is alive and with the members, they can actually be happy
  • “you need to survive” written in Korean was in jin’s short film and in rms short film. rm writes it in prologue and in his short film
  • “r u dru (n) k?” suga holds a beer bottle in his hand. normally a police officer will tell people who are drunk to walk in a straight line, (jhope drew it) this is what suga is doing. there is a police car behind yoonseok.
  • “lost river” this is a reference to the movie Lost River, and there is a scene where the main character watches a burning bike go by, kook is doing the same
  • “same old s***t, such a clown, don’t be a (something) come as you are, (some other words)” instructions for their bad selfs
  • “I’ll forgive you” means he and the other members will forgive jin for the pain and bad actions he caused with his death
  • “boy meets what” explanation in fire notes and in hyyh and wings connection

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