Evidence for Jin’s Death and How It Happened In HYYH (Unfortunately)

  • white lilies everywhere. white lilies mean that a deceased person has received happiness and peace after death. burning them means that jin has not found it.
  • jin is nowhere to be found in pictures and in real life.he wasn’t just absent from the pictures and other things, he actually was not there. he is no longer with the boys. whenever he doesn’t show up in pics, it means he is dead. when he is the only one in pics, it means he is dead and in his dream world/neverland/ “heaven”
  • jin with pills in teaser pictures for the hyyh series. this means he overdosed. he overdosed over love. he was in a relationship with the girl in boy in luv, and that same girl is the one they were singing about in danger.
  • rm hits a toy car into a puddle. this means jin’s car “flew” or was pushed off something into water, and jin drowned (all this makes me really sad). the cause of this is unclear though. he could have fallen asleep at the wheel of ran into another car, all because he had overdosed on the pills.
  • jins neverland. the concept photos of bangtan at sea and in a forest for part 2 is jin’s neverland. this is where the boys are forever young and no harm comes to them, just like the story of Peter Pan.

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