My Take on the Kpop Industry

This obviously isn’t my normal posting style of theories or notes, but after watching P.D.D., BFree dissing Suga and Rap Mon, and the MV for BuckuBucku, I felt as if I needed to write something about my take on the kpop industry.

The kpop industry is one of the harshest I’ve ever seen. The Big Three entertainment companies (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) do not hesitate on starving a trainee who isn’t so skinny that you can see his/her bones, or forcing trainees to get plastic surgery if they don’t “fit the beauty standards of Korea men or woman”. Companies that are smaller than the three still have the right to do this, as there is no law against it in Korea. The reason they do these things is to get money. If someone doesn’t look good, they won’t get money. I might get a lot of hate for this post, but I’m just trying to make a point.

The expectation of kpop idols is terrible. They have to deal with harsh diets, crazy fans, and packed schedules. Many also have to deal with sexual harassment within companies. Kpop idols have to fit the image of other people’s, such as wearing makeup, being skinny, wearing the right clothes, looking appropriate, and being nice. Idols should be nice, but they are pressured by others and when they ask for fans to stop following them or to stop harassing them through social media, they get bashed and hated on for it. Baekhyun from EXO recently had asked saesaeng fans on Twitter to stop stalking him and his group members. Soon after that, “fans” and antis tweeted back at him that he was being selfish for not wanting people to follow him. One even tweeted that he was being rude to his fans, and that since he chose to be a celebrity, he should deal with it.

One thing people seem to forget is that kpop idols and idols, in general, are humans. They need to eat and rest just like you and I do. What happened to BTS in Chile for their tour was basically torture. Fans crowded in front of the entrance of the hotel they were staying in while screaming and chanting loudly, causing the boys to not get any rest and they weren’t able to go out to eat. The members had a show the next day, couldn’t the fans just wait until then to see them? How do the “fans” expect Bangtan to perform without any rest?

When BFree dissed Suga and Rap Monster he said that they were “gay” for wearing makeup, they weren’t “hip hop” for becoming idols, and that they were kind of a disgrace to the underground rapping world. First of all, since when has makeup defined sexual orientation? The two did say they weren’t entirely okay with the smoky eye look, but who cares if a man wears some makeup? BFree clearly doesn’t know what hip hop is. Hip hop artists do not rap the same way, dress the same way, or produce the same way. That would make things really boring. Hip hop is how you make of it. Hip hop has different styles within the genre, and Bangtan (at that time) fit into one of the styles of it. BFree then said soon after that that he had never actually listened to their music. Why would you label them a certain way if you haven’t heard their music? When BFree said that they became idols for money, Suga said that he, RM, and JHope became idols so that their voice and music could be heard. He also said that they were trying to create a link between the underground rapping world and idols.

In BuckuBucku, Yoonmirae said, “Boss b***, self-made, you h**s is trained”. She is saying that underground rappers work more and work harder than trained idols, and that they are more proud of their work. I have loads of respect for the underground industry, but they love to make fun of the kpop industry. Sure, underground artists work more, but trained kpop idols work a lot as well. The fact that they are trained is kind of a bad thing because they didn’t practice as much as the undergrounds.

I don’t know, what are your thoughts on the things I’ve mentioned?


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