Final HYYH Theory

the music video that starts it all is boy in luv. this mv is where Jin meets his girlfriend that later breaks up with him in danger. because of this breakup, Jin gets suicidal, eventually overdosing on pills (bts begins teaser pictures). he then drives somewhere but falls asleep at the wheel, and his car […]

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Evidence for Jin’s Death and How It Happened In HYYH (Unfortunately)

white lilies everywhere. white lilies mean that a deceased person has received happiness and peace after death. burning them means that jin has not found it. jin is nowhere to be found in pictures and in real life.he wasn’t just absent from the pictures and other things, he actually was not there. he is no longer with the boys. whenever he doesn’t show […]

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Final HYYH Theory – Messy Ver.

I NEED U JIN – dying MEMBERS – suicidal RUN JIN – life flashing by, almost dead :((( MEMBERS – doing bad things “for jin”, kook accepted near the end PROLOGUE JIN – dead, in a “heaven”, neverland or dream world MEMBERS – unknown, the focus point was the neverland EPILOGUE JIN – trying to accept […]

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HYYH and WINGS Connection

The hooded figures in fire represent the boy’s bad memories and selfs, and when they perform for them, they trick them to all get into the same room to blow up the building to break the curse. butterfly effect in order to save jin from dying. at the end of the mv, it says boy meets what? it […]

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Fire Notes

fence as in young forever with “youth” on it the black hooded figure represents the member’s bad sides suga tricks the bad side by acting like he is making a deal with it, but sets jin on fire instead king henry the third reference jungkook circles the figure so that it doesn’t escape, suga and kook are still working together […]

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Epilogue – Young Forever Notes

maze of fences the film rolls with the memories represents that when you are young it can feel like everything in your life has been recorded the ties on the fences represent memories of youth rm grabs them lightly but the  quickly let’s go representing that he is not thinking about the past much the […]

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Prologue Notes

v calls a hyung – “hyung”, “I want to see you hyung” jins dream world polaroid of v and his mom jin films everyone a lot “you can smile as long as we’re together” jhope – jimin rm – v suga – kook jin is filming butterfly and questions reality “omn” rm hits the toy […]

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Run Japanese Version Notes

“nevermind” “hoi doei” “collapsky “the – man is that-“ telephone booth here and in rms short film one theory said that when v called a hyung it was rm, that’s why he was so upset (rm) waves in the telephone booth doors and windows suga in a room w broken glass represents when he broke […]

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