Fire Notes

fence as in young forever with “youth” on it the black hooded figure represents the member’s bad sides suga tricks the bad side by acting like he is making a deal with it, but sets jin on fire instead king henry the third reference jungkook circles the figure so that it doesn’t escape, suga and kook are still working together […]

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Epilogue – Young Forever Notes

maze of fences the film rolls with the memories represents that when you are young it can feel like everything in your life has been recorded the ties on the fences represent memories of youth rm grabs them lightly but the  quickly let’s go representing that he is not thinking about the past much the […]

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Prologue Notes

v calls a hyung – “hyung”, “I want to see you hyung” jins dream world polaroid of v and his mom jin films everyone a lot “you can smile as long as we’re together” jhope – jimin rm – v suga – kook jin is filming butterfly and questions reality “omn” rm hits the toy […]

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Run Japanese Version Notes

“nevermind” “hoi doei” “collapsky “the – man is that-“ telephone booth here and in rms short film one theory said that when v called a hyung it was rm, that’s why he was so upset (rm) waves in the telephone booth doors and windows suga in a room w broken glass represents when he broke […]

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Run Notes

v falls into water, black boys have a party, jin is there recording the boys do all the bad things to forget about jin, and also because they feel as if they are doing it for him v is drowning “canvas high” “wasted youth enter the void” – the “wasted youth” part of this quote […]

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I Need U Japanese Version 

hat on tae the lamp in jimin “green scene” is the same lamp in taes fathers house hat on hope white lilies behind yoongs paints mirror black w hands (rm) hat on jin hope w pills jin on his deathbed w white lilies around him jk burns white lilies, as he does so, the picture […]

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I Need U Cut Ver. Notes

it’s mainly the same stuff here as in the uncut version jin still remembers old times “why do I fall in love and have to say goodbye alone” (song lyrics) this could be jin (because it is his part) having to say goodbye to his friends by himself the note chim burns kinda looks like […]

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I Need U Unedited Ver. Notes

jin w/ flowers jhope in a bathroom jungkook outside walking tae outside an apartment suga in bed rm at work jimin in a bathtub, burns note suga always has a lighter jhope overdoses jungkook in a fight burning white lilies – white lilies represent that someone who has died has received peace in their dead […]

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